Vedantan – The Wellness Tea

Constitutes an exclusive line of Herbal & Green Teas that cater to “essential requirements of the body”

Vedantan is an exclusive range of premium, natural, ready to drink, wellness teas. Vedantan teas are healthy, tasty and refreshing; and are made using unique herbs like Ashwagandha, Arjuna, Brahmi, etc. These herbs not only refresh you; they also reduce stress and inflammation, improve digestion and immunity and promote healthy metabolism in the body.

Our unique proposition is that we don’t use tea bags.  Vedantan range of teas are instant teas; which can be enjoyed hot or iced, as you like. So no more brewing, boiling  or dipping. Just open the sachet into a cup, add water and it’s ready to drink, anytime, anywhere.

Vedantan teas with natural herbs, spices and flavours refresh and rejuvenate you instantly. That is why, Vedantan is a Wellness Tea and “Your Sip of Good Health Everyday”

Vedantan – Wellness Tea Key Features


We use authentic & natural herbs and nature identical ingredients for all our preparations.


Ease of use is at the core of our every product innovation. We strive for hassle-free, pure and high-quality products that uphold your health and well-being in the highest regard.

the wellness tea - vedantan

Inspired by Ayurveda

All our beverages are inspired by principles of age-old Ayurveda & Nature that goes behind every formula


Our products are 100% soluble which gives you the total nutrient value of each and every herb that goes into the making of our beverages.

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For thousands of years; all over the word, drinking tea has been about friendship, hospitality, and sharing moments together. It can also provide an opportunity to sit back, relax & enjoy a few minutes to yourself and recharge your batteries. So, whatever, whoever, and whenever, our range of exotic Green & Herbal Teas would not only rejuvenate & energize you; it rather will always be a reason for you to cheer up with your near & dear ones.

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